Friday, June 20, 2008

June 18, 2008 16:30

I've been sitting in the Jardin de la Union for about 15 minutes. It's beautiful, relaxing and makes for great people watching. There are mariachi bands playing at the restaurants along the Jardin.

I really can't wait to feel more comfortable talking to the locals. Even asking where something is is proving to be quite the challenge.

My hostel - Hostal Del Truco - is right next to the Jardin. While the hostel itself is pretty shabby the people who work there are really nice (even though they don't speak English) and you really can't beat this location!

There are some really cute guys around here!!

I wonder if I'm going to have a roommate at the hostel? Right now it's just me - would be nice if it stayed that way.

Feels weird writing in a handwriting is so bad and it's hard to make some of the letters because I haven't written anything in a LONG time!

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